5 Reasons to try paddleboarding at night

5 Reasons to try paddleboarding at night

Experience the beauty of the water in a whole new way by hitting the water when the sun goes down. This new, trendy and exciting activity has numerous benefits, including the opportunity to explore the underwater world after dark, relaxation, and the chance to try something new and exciting.

Here are 5 reasons why you should give night paddleboarding a try:

  1. Unique experience: Night paddleboarding is a unique activity that allows you to experience the beauty of the water in a whole new way. The reflection of the lights on the water and the opportunity to see a full moon or gaze at the stars above can make for a truly magical experience.

  2. Relaxation: Night paddleboarding can be a soothing and calming activity, as the peaceful surroundings and the gentle motion of the water can help you relax and de-stress.

  3. Opportunity to see marine life: Many marine animals are more active at night, and you may have the chance to see a wide variety of fish, crabs, and other creatures when you paddle after dark.

  4. Fun and social: Night paddleboarding can be a fun and social activity, especially if you bring a friend or two along for the ride. You can chat, laugh, enjoy some snacks and each other's company as you explore the water after dark.

  5. Physical challenge: Night paddleboarding can be a physically challenging activity, as you'll need to use a bit more of your core and leg muscles to balance on the board when it's darker out. This can help you build strength and endurance, and can be a great way to get in a full-body workout. Start off in the shallows to get comfortable then move out to the deeper water when you get comfortable.

So don't be afraid to try something new and exciting! Grab your paddleboard and your Aurora Explorer, and hit the water after dark for a unique and memorable experience. 


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