SUBMRG Aurora Lights on paddle board illuminating the waves on the beach. Paddleboard accessories and addons.

Light Up Your Night Paddle

Take your SUP experience to another level. Aurora lights offer ultrabright under and above water lighting to illuminate your surroundings and make your paddle glow.

Enjoy a full moon paddle, fireworks or the calm evening waters after the sun has set, and let Aurora light your way back to shore in style.

  • Paddleboard lit by underwater LED lighting system, Aurora Explorer. Lake water beneath the SUP glows green. Paddleboard accessories and add-ons

    Aurora Explorer - Solo

    All-in-one battery and light unit.

    Brigtness: 1000 Lumens

    Size: Light bar - 16"

    Battery: 4-6 hours

    Modes: Static, pulsing & sound activated


    - portablility

    - manual & smartphone control

    - quick setup

    - ultra bright white

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  • Two paddleboards are equipped with Aurora Explorer lighting units. The lights are bright and the water glows blue and purple. Paddleboard accessories and add-ons.

    Aurora Explorer - Duo

    Combine 2 Aurora light bars for double the fun and double the brightness.

    Brigtness: 2000 Lumens

    Size: Light bar - 16" (x 2)

    Battery: 4-6 hours

    Modes: Static, pulsing & sound activated


    - All Explorer Solo features

    - increased brightness

    - versatility

    - group control

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Night SUP safety with Submrg Aurora Explorer. Bright paddle board lights are illuminating the water beneath the paddleboard and creating a beautiful glow. Aurora Explorer is a safety accessory for paddleboards and kayaks.


Aurora Explorer gives you over 4 hours of its brightest light. That means you'll stay lit for your entire paddle.

In addition to endless fun under the stars, the Aurora Explorer can be just as easily mounted ontop, at the side, or held in hand to give you increased visibility. Surrounding vessels will know where you are in low-light or foggy conditions.

Enjoy a full moon SUP at night with Aurora Explorer underwater lighting system. The paddle boards glow in different bright colors illuminating the water under the SUP.


We know you don't want to spend forever setting up your lights.

Aurora setup takes about 2 minutes, that means you can get your SUP (or Kayak) out on the water quickly to catch the perfect sunset and enjoy an illuminated glow on your night paddle.

Aurora lighting gives you wireless control to set your colours and brightness right from your smartphone (app download required).

So go explore the night with the Aurora Explorer!

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IP68 Waterproof Rating

Aurora Explorer lights meet international standards for IP68 waterproof designation.

Long Battery Life

Aurora Explorer can provide over 4-hours of ultrabright white light and over 6 hours of colourful lighting.

Your Aurora Explorer lighting system can also be used as a powerbank to charge and power other devices.

All ports are sealed when used underwater.

Wide Compatibility

Easy strap and snap in setup allows Aurora to be used on a variety of watercraft.

Mounts are compatible with all straps measuring 25mm and under.

Our Guarantee

We are committed to your satisfaction. If you are unhappy with your product please let us know so we can find a solution together.

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