#SUPGoals for 2023

#SUPGoals for 2023

Are you looking to set some exciting and challenging goals for your stand-up paddleboarding adventures in 2023? Look no further! We've compiled a list of 15 ideas to inspire and motivate you to take your paddling to the next level. From learning new techniques and exploring new locations, to training for races and improving your skills, there's something on this list for every paddler. 

  1. Try night paddling
  2. Learn to paddle surf
  3. Paddle in a new location
  4. Train for a paddling race
  5. Complete a long-distance paddling adventure
  6. Take a paddling trip with friends
  7. Improve your balance on the board
  8. Learn a new paddling technique
  9. Learn to paddle in different weather conditions
  10. Improve your paddling endurance
  11. Learn to paddle in whitewater
  12. Learn to fish from a paddleboard
  13. Improve your paddling speed
  14. Learn to paddle with a partner
  15. Try stand-up paddleboard fitness classes

Get ready to set your sights on the horizon and make the most of your paddling this year!

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