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Is Your Smartphone Water-Proof Or Water-Resistant?

Which is it? You've probably seen words like IP68 being tossed around when referring to your phone's ability to withstand water.

Truth is, no phone is water-proof. BUT, most phones are water resistant to a certain degree. That brings us back to 'IP68', this is an international standard for rating a device's ability to withstand dust, dirt, sand, and (you guessed it!) WATER. The 'IP' stands for Ingress Protection, the '6' refers to dust tightness, and '8' is the water protection level (both 6 & 8 are the highest in their category).

So a phone with an IP68 rating can technically be submerged to a depth of 5ft freshwater and stay there for 30 minutes.

Most phones today come with this impressive rating, but manufacturers often include a warning that tests were conducted under lab environments on devices that have experienced no wear or tear (falls, bends etc.).

A wide variety of products at SUBMRG carry a IP68 rating.

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