How Paddleboarding Benefits Your Mental Health and Wellness

How Paddleboarding Benefits Your Mental Health and Wellness

There are many benefits you can gain from a good paddle session. What are our favourite ways that paddleboarding promotes wellness?

  1. Mental Clarity: You may or may not realize it, but SUPing requires mental focus. New paddlers may notice more the concentration it takes as you get on your board, stand up, balance, and paddle. When your mind is set on the activity you are doing, your focus is drawn away from outside stressors like work and home life.

    Slow down, take note of the feeling of the cool water as you step into the water with your board, the movement of the water as you float up and down, the breeze blowing your hair, the warm sun on your skin, the sound of birds overhead. Taking note of these simple pleasures will promote gratitude and help you to feel happier and more content.

  1. Exercise: You’ve probably heard of these little things called endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals produced naturally when you engage in vigorous exercise. They are sometimes called “feel-good” chemicals because our nervous system uses them to help us cope with pain and stress. So, paddle on, friends! The more effort you put in, the better you will feel afterward.

  2. Relaxation: In addition to the endorphins we get from exercise, the whole environment when you get out on the water just makes you feel relaxed. The sun, the breeze, the sound and smell of the water… don’t you feel better just imagining it? Research has shown that nature and the outdoors are good for our bodies and minds.

  3. Better Sleep: When you combine all of the points above, it’s a no-brainer that your sleep will improve! You will be in a better state of mind at the end of the day, your body will be tired, you will feel relaxed. You will likely sleep more deeply and fall asleep sooner. If you’re lucky, you might even dream up your next paddling adventure!

  4. Community: This one is optional. Some prefer the peace and quiet of a solo paddle, and that’s totally okay! However, the SUP community is a fun and active one! There are many events in most waterfront cities and beach towns like sunset/sunrise or nighttime group paddles, day trips, and even volunteer activities like cleaning up the local beaches from your board. Why not join a SUP group on Facebook or follow one on Instagram to find some new, likeminded friends that you can enjoy this awesome hobby with?

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