Aurora Explorer Installation

How to install on your craft:

Choose your preferred light clip and orientation


Double Clip Single Clip Coupler


- Fasten 2 lights (using coupler)

- Fasten single light (In rough waters or if there is a risk the light will collide with floating objects) 


- Ideal for connecting a single light under normal usage conditions 


- Connects 2 light bars together 


  1. Feed strap into appropriate clip openings, based on your mounting preference. (strap should enter clip from the top -> down, so that the strap passes under the flat base of the clip)
  2. Adjust clip location along strap (Approx. 20 inches from end of strap for most SUPs)
  3. Place clip(s) on soft ground (i.e. sand or grass) with straps extended outwards
  4. Place SUP or other craft over clip and fasten using strap and cam buckle