Aurora Explorer Online Guide

Operating Instructions

Smart Life Application Operation (Bluetooth)


  1. Download Smart Life App from your app store 

     Apple Store  Google Play Store

    You must allow the app to use Bluetooth in order to connect your paddleboard light. If you have connectivity issues please see the links below on how to change the app permissions on your phone: 

  2. Enable Bluetooth on Light: (With Light OFF) Long press switch on light for 3 seconds until solid white light shines. Bluetooth activated. (If your phone is already paired to this specific light, you can now begin controlling your light)

  3. Enter Pairing Mode: If there is no paired device OR you need to pair the light to a new device: Long press (3 seconds) the button again after entering Bluetooth mode, the light will flash and enter pairing mode.

  4. Connect to new phone: (Turn on phone Bluetooth) 
      • Open the Smart Life Application
      • Click on the '+' or 'Add Device' (Allow Bluetooth access if prompted)
      • Light will be automatically discovered. Click 'Add' 
          • If no light is discovered, you need to ensure the app has Bluetooth Permission (See step 1)
          • Select 'Aurora Explorer' or 'Sig Mesh' or 'Luxceo' module click '+'
            • Wait while device is paired to phone (light will flash when completed)

          • Smart Life Operation
                • White light mode - Adjust white colour and brightness Brightest configuration is achieved when white colour slider is in the middle
                  • Colour - Adjust light colour and brightness 
                  • Scene - Set custom colour changing scenes

                  • Music - Light colour responds to sound and music

            Manual Operation (Button/IR Remote)

            1. When the light is OFF:
              Press the power switch once to turn light ON (it will resume previous brightness and colour)

            2. When the light is ON: 
              Press switch once to turn OFF
              Double press to change lighting modes and colours
              Press and hold to adjust brightness
              Or, use IR remote to change lighting modes, colour & brightness

              The remote can only control the light once it has already been turned on manually.


               Input  DC 5V/2A (USB-C)
              Brightness  1000 Lumens
              Size L: ~45cm x 3.6cm 
              Battery  Lithium Ion 3.7V / 10,400mAh
              Charging Time 6 - 7 hours (@ 2A)
              Usage Time 4 - 7 hours (brightness dependent)



              • Unexplained flickering
              • External shell damaged
              • Spills into charging port


              1. Do not store above 40 degrees celsius.
              2. Do not place the light in fire.
              3. Do not modify or take this product apart.
              4. Do not look directly into LED lights
              5. Charge light at least once every 3 months. Do not charge in wet environments.
              6. Unplug and seal charging port before use. 
              7. Do not run light aground 
              8. Tether light to your craft if operating in shallow waters or navigating above/around obstacles