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Top 10 Activities To Try From Your SUP

Did you really think your SUP or ISUP was just for paddling around and relaxing at sea? There are so many more things you can do with your board, and here are our top 10 SUP activities to try before the season is over!

  1. SUP fitness: find classes in your area or search online for routines. We have a top-notch SUP workout here.

  2. Star-gazing from your board: make sure you bring a light for nighttime navigation and safety. Check out some tips in our blog post "8 Essential Tips for a Successful Night Paddleboarding Adventure"

  3. Overnight camping/portaging: so much easier than carrying a canoe

  4. Whitewater SUPing: best with an inflatable board - don’t forget a helmet

  5. Have a picnic: strap your cooler down on your board and hit the water

  6. Clean up the ocean/lake/river: get a group together and do some good for the planet

  7. Fishing: find the fish where you can’t go by boat

  8. Surfing: skip the “pop-up”

  9. SUP with your pup: enjoy your favourite activity with your favourite friend - don’t forget a PFD for doggo!

  10. Check out a waterfront concert: there’s no better way to enjoy live music than on the water

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